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Check In with Pride

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Saturday July 27th



Starting at

10:00 am

flag representing the pride colors

Check In with Pride

Cet événement n'est plus disponible à la vente

Check in with Pride, Check out with love!

Join us in celebrating love, diversity, and inclusivity at Christopher Street Day in Berlin on July 27th!


At Pullman Hotels, diversity isn't just checked into the hotel; it's the heart of our reception. We proudly champion inclusivity, from our vibrant team to our welcoming spaces. Here, diversity isn't just acknowledged; it's celebrated as the foundation of exceptional hospitality, creating a social hub where both our employees and guests come together, connect, and feel valued and respected.

We are here, we are queer get use to it!

This year marks our very first participation in the Berlin Gay Pride parade, and we couldn’t be more excited to take this bold step alongside you. Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof proudly stands for equality and acceptance, and we're excited to showcase our commitment by participating in one of the most vibrant and spirited events of the year.

We are colorful, we are loud, we are unique. And that's what we want to celebrate together on July 27, 2024. But to be really loud, we need a wild party crowd that will make a statement together with us, Pullman Hotels & ALL.

3 Packages to chose from:

Walking Parade - €25

- Saturday 27th at 10am at the start of the parade to join us around the truck with drinks and goodies. 

Warm Up and Truck Entry - €99

- Friday 26th from 9.30am– 11.30pm at Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof : Talkshow and DJ set by Drag Queens Destiny and Stella.

- Saturday 27th at 10am at the start of the parade to join us on the truck and enjoy drinks and music.

Parade & Night at Pullman Berlin - €169

- Saturday 27th at 10am at the start of the parade to join us around the truck with drinks and goodies.

- Room night at Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof including Breakfast for 2 people.

Saturday July 27th, 2024 starting at 10:00am

from €25 to €169

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pullman happenings

Pullman Happenings is not just a collection of events, it's a movement, a celebration of knowledge, creativity and the search for true connections. Let's create together a space where everyone can meet, connect, exchange and, above all, discover.

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Marie Bothmer, chanteuse

“I was very happy to have a platform to show my passion and talk about topics that truly matter.”

Marie Bothmer

Jens Kenserski, podcaster et host, it's all about

“The discussions with the artists were a real source of inspiration for the audience and for me.”

Jens Kenserski

Stimulus, chanteur et pianiste, musicien

“It was the first time I played the grand piano in front of an audience and in a hotel suite. It was so busy that I couldn't get in!.”


Jake the rapper, DJ, danse, soirée

“People were dancing, laughing, and the evening was full of super positive energy.”

Jake the Rapper

Emily Roberts, chanteuse pop

“I loved the great connection that was created with the public.”

Emily Roberts

Franz-Josef Baur, artiste, peintre, art

“I loved the energy at this event and the conversations with exciting people.”

Franz-Josef Baur